• mended trousers
    Everyday Stuff

    Ethical clothing 101

    Think about that T shirt. Can it really cost three pounds? Think of the cotton that grew; The water, land and fertlizers that were used. The farmers who cared for it and picked…

  • brassica seedlings

    What to sow in August

    While August is a busy time for harvesting it’s also a time to start thinking ahead. Now is the time to plan for the long wet winter. Writing this on the hottest day…

  • massive harvest

    Summer on the plot

    July and August are the months in vegetable gardening when all the hard work really becomes worth it. The plot is visibly and audibly alive. Insects hum, fruit ripens, the sun often shines.…

  • a jar fo sourdough starter and soem flowers
    Everyday Stuff

    Lazy Sourdough Starter

    What 2020’s greener living style blog could not mention sourdough? A few months ago it was a topic reserved for bakers, hipsters and anyone living The Good Life. Then, cue pandemic, lots of…

  • lazy housewife beans

    Full of Beans

    Oh my goodness I love french beans. Green, purple or yellow. Tender and crunchy. Juicy with the tiny bite of the immature bean seed! I think french beans might be my favourite vegetable.…

  • jostaberry flowers

    April Flowers

    March and April are really exciting months for me. Spring is properly underway and everything is coming to life. I am always oddly relieved when spring comes. I am not a winter person…