I’m Tamara, I live in Bristol, UK, with my partner and child. This site is about my pottery and the blog is about our lives and the attempts we make to live in a low impact way.

We don’t live perfect zero carbon waste free lives. We live in a big modern city choked with pollution. I like baths. I own a smart phone and a laptop. I love to travel. I make ceramics. I sometimes get a plastic bag for my shopping. 

We are a family of real, imperfect people and we don’t want to move to the sticks and live off the land (OK, so we do a bit, but we aren’t doing it right now).

What we are is a family that tries to be green. We want our lives to have a low impact on the world around us but we also live in this world as it is right now.

Meaningfully addressing the issues of climate change requires government level action and cooperation on a worldwide scale. In the meantime, we want to limit our personal contribution to climate change, species extinction and ocean pollution. To do this, we consider what we eat, what we buy, how we travel.

We grow a lot of our own fruit and veg, we buy second hand clothes, we recycle, we reuse, we take public transport.

So in summary: we try, and that attempt is what this site is about.